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A Siemens Holiday 2020

Art Direction / Concepting / Project Management

For the holidays of 2020 me, my colleague Flavia and Sylvia decided to try to do something a bit different from the classic Siemens holiday posts. I got the crazy idea to put products for christimas/holidays/new years that Siemens somehow have a hand in into a .. snow globe. It ended up being a whimsical and quite different way of celebrating the holidays.

Being aware of different cultures and how they have different ways of celebrating the holiday season, we also created a “Southern Hemisphere”-globe and a New Years version. All were animated. We also kept the animations clean of text – this made it possible for different business units and regions to reuse the content without altering it. We always try to think of the re-usability of an asset.

You can see them below coming to you directly from Twitter.