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Røde Port – Full identity

My dad decided to become a brewer and asked me to help him design a logo. It of course led to hours of bickering and direct customer feedback. In particular for the beer sticker design we came to a compromise, where he could pick the background and I got my way with the rest of the design system. It has turned out to be the absolutely right way for the brewery and me to work.

The main tenants of the design system is the font, Chaparrel Pro, which is a fairly modern looking serif. It marries the flatness of the grid overlay and the more vibrant colors of the images. The logo works both as font only, but also in a standalone logo, that also fits on beer caps as it’s round!

I also created their website: in the same style. We have had several flyers, posters, banners .. but that would be too much to organize. Just trust me – we’ve tried everything at this point.