User Experiences

Creating good experiences relies heavily on your empathy and willingness to let users tell you something unpleasant. I am interested in making stuff work, so that both users and businesses are happy: Sales work is such a tough job when you’re selling a bad product. So let’s just see if we can create exactly what your users dream about instead. Way easier.

Service Design

Services are not something you can touch. Therefore they are more important to get down on paper. When a product breaks – it’s obvious. When a service breaks it is not always so. My weird systematic brain loves to sequence actions to create an image of where we are failing or where we might fail in the future. It’s kind of like being an oracle, just with more Excel and less meditation.


I see concepts as great ideas that actually get executed. There’s no use in being creative if you can’t follow-through and deliver. Best part is: Constraints only make me more creative – so don’t think that just because I want to end the project on time and within budget, that means that it will be boring. Only thing I will need is post-its. I don’t think I work without them.

If you need it, I can…

Create graphics

I’m pretty much a pro in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Take a photo

I take macros of textures for graphics and sometimes rock concerts

Participate in the Coffee Drinking Olympics

I am not sure they exist – but in case they do – I want to stay in shape

What do I look like?

Do you want to…

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People say nice things about me

“Hanna is really talented, tech savvy and has enriched Siemens with her strategic and technical skills.

She has a real knack for bringing user-centered development into the corporate workplace.”

Jussi Arstorp Digital Communication Manager, Siemens

“Already when she was just a kid I saw great potential in her.

And look at her now: The Beethoven of user experiences”.

My mom Not sure what "User Experiences" are

“I can warmly recommend Hanna Ella Sandvik. She is pro-active and skilled at her work.

It has been a great help in our busy daily life, that Hanna has a great customer insight”

Henrik Christiansen Partner, Beruf
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The very, very short portfolio

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that”

Things I have already done

Worldclass Powerpoints
Stand-alone project management
Understood Excel
Made super cool graphs about it

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